ISMoSeDe project addresses the need of advancing our knowledge of the Earth, and advancing our understanding of freshwater cycle. The purpose of the project is to develop a sediment deposition monitoring system with two applications – the monitoring of the fairway of navigable rivers, and the monitoring of the live storage of reservoirs retained by dams. To accomplish this we will produce a method for predicting the sediment transport and deposition using satellite data and in-situ measurements, create a linked data infrastructure, combining different types of heterogeneous data from GIS, satellite data, in-situ measurements and domain knowledge, and design a distributed architecture implementing the linked data infrastructure with AI component for predicting of sediment transport and deposition, visualizing the forecasted changes in the river morphology on GIS, and enabling to consult, observe and query historical data. The scope of the envisaged prototype covers the catchment of Danube in the Bulgarian segment of the river and the catchment of river Arda and cascade Arda with three dams – Kyrdjali, Studen kladenec, Ivaylovgrad. The satellite data to be employed by the project come from ADAM (adamplatform.eu) that provide a special service with data access to satellite datasets from different satellites with semantic relevance for the construction of sediment transport and deposition forecast model based on deep learning, e.g. turbidity, surface reflectance, precipitations, snow cover, wind, vegetation index, solar irradiance, velocity. The forecasted data will be used on river morphology models to provide information about potential river morphology changes impacting the fairways. A sedimentation monitoring domain ontology is to be designed to underlie the linked data infrastructure, and situations that need logical reasoning to augment the deep learning models are to be identified and implemented. The interaction and the data flows between the linked data infrastructure, the GIS component – ESRI ArcGIS Server – and the satellite data are to be designed to ensure the integrated system to function in a synchronized manner.

ISMoSeDe is funded  by ESA PECS Bulgaria under contract No 4000133836/21/NL/SC